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Domicile Real Estate specializes in creating comprehensive appraisals and appraisals for many different purposes. Appraisals are to determine the value of real property. Our professional appraisals are recognized, objective, professional and completely independent.


An appraisal may have different objectives

  • Funding / mortgage application
  • Purchase or sale decision
  • Determining the rental value
  • Divorce or inheritance tax
  • Objection or appeal
  • Tax purposes

At your request, we can estimate the following value: the private sale or market value, liquidation value, the reinstatement and the market rental value of property. The cost for a valuation is 1.5 per thousand of the market value with a minimum of Naf. 450,- plus 6% tax. The cost for a appraisal report is equal to 2 per thousand of value with a minimum of Naf. 500, – plus 6% tax.


If you want to perform an appraisal, please contact our office. One of our specialist appraisers will make an appointment with you to have the property appraised. The process consists of an inventory of the object and a conversation with the client on issues that concern the valuation of interest. After the appraisal we will ensure that the information is neatly organized. If necessary, the appraisal is also supplemented with information from agencies like the Land Registry, the DROV, or the Service Domain Manager. You will get all neatly presented in a comprehensive report.

Please contact us for more information.

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